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What makes PuriShield® Wound & Skin Care products better?

Breakthrough Science – Patented Purifect® Technology with Ceragenin. It’s a new class of molecules that works immediately to mirror your horse’s immune system, helping it repair and restore damaged tissue faster and more effectively. Ceragenin is the breakthrough active ingredient that makes PuriShield® products the new standard in wound care, providing over 24 hours of protection and lasting relief while promoting healing in a convenient once-a-day application.*

PuriShield® Once-a-Day+ Protection System

PuriShield Chart

Safe and effective for horses, livestock, cats and dogs!*


PuriShield® Wound & Skin Care


PuriShield® Fast-Acting Spray

Cleans and treats in one easy step to jump-start recovery.

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PuriShield® Intensive Care Gel

Deep-penetrating sprayable gel promotes healing with long-lasting relief.

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PuriShield® Liquid Bandage Plus

Shields wounds with a breathable, flexible, sprayable barrier.

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Your horse deserves the best care today’s science can provide. Accidents happen, but with PuriShield® products you’ll be prepared to face them head on. The PuriShield® Wound Care regimen cleans, treats and protects, ensuring that the next time your horse has an injury, skin irritation or puncture wound you'll be confident that you have the best wound care products at hand.

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